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Benefits of NFT token gating?


Memberships have traditionally been granted to any individual who is willing to pay the fees. While this gives a second source of revenue, the exclusivity of this membership diminishes over time.

However, NFTs often have a limited quantity of tokens issued into the market. This preserves a perception of exclusivity for your community members, eventually driving up secondary market prices.

Cost-effective approach

One of the primary advantages of token gating and NFTs in general is that it gives you complete control over your distribution, as there are less middleman costs associated with creating and selling NFTs. Thus major chunks of earnings go directly into your hands as a creator or brand.


There is no method to fabricate token ownership because NFT ownership is validated through the blockchain. As a result, token holders are the only people who can benefit from an NFT.

Better Revenue/Fundraising Opportunities

Royalties can be applied to NFTs which makes it possible for you to receive a share from all future sales of the NFT you created.

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