What is royalty splitter

explanation of the stand-alone version royalty splitter.

  • The royalty splitter is the smart contract that help the NFT creators to be able to share the "creator royalty" with team members from the secondary marketplaces and earn unlimited revenue.

  • This is the setting page to create new royalty splitter independently. If you are going to create the NFT Collection ahead, please go to “Create collection”, then you can also add royalty splitter later.

Here is the flow on how Royalty Splitter will work

  1. Creator create NFT

  2. Creator sell NFT on Decir

  3. The 1st Buyer mint NFT on Decir, the Creator first get the sale revenue

  4. The 1st buyer again sell that NFT on marketplace, and the royalty revenue will be transfered to royalty splitter

  5. Next, every time the NFT get sold again, the creator will get royalty revenue.

  6. Creator can withdraw revenue from royalty splitter to their wallet

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