How to create the NFT

Quick user workflow.

  1. Create Membership or Product NFT (Collection).

  2. check and update the draft NFT information.

  3. Set up the Royalty Splitter.

  4. Set up the NFT Sales Setting.

  5. Publish to the blockchain.

  6. Share the sales page link or copy the embed code to embed your website.

  7. NFT Sales happen.

  8. Check the revenue on the NFT Collection page.

  9. Withdraw funds on the NFT Collection page.

  10. Check the Creator Royalty from secondary marketplaces on the dashboard.

  11. Claim royalty on the dashboard.

  • "Create New NFT" to start creating your NFT.

    • Select the NFT type you would start with.

      • "Membership NFT" is ideal for members-only clubs. It is possible to set multiple Tiers and different benefits can be set for each tier. ( Currently, ERC-721 format. to be updated to ERC-1155.)

      • "Product NFT" is used on the premise that Profile Pictures, unique NFTs, and in principle different images are included.

      • "Create Collection" If you are familiar with configuring NFT and its collection, you may start here. This is an option to create an NFT collection in advance. (If you select "Product NFT", or "Membership NFT", the collection will be created automatically.)

      *Above each creation process requires some fields to save as a draft.

      *All information can be updated after saving it as a draft.

  • Set up the "Royalty Splitter" to share the creator royalties from the secondary marketplaces with your team, and contributors.

    • go to the NFT Collection Details page to find the "Royalty Splitter" tab.

    • add the contributors' wallet addresses and share percentages, and "Lock Percentage" to freeze the share for this NFT collection. once "Lock Percentage" has been published, you can not permanently change the values for this collection.

    • some values are not changeable after publishing, please be careful and check all info and values are correct.

  • If you would sell your NFT on your website, click "Embed NFT" and copy the "Copy embed code" from the pop-up window, then paste the code on your website.

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