How to create the DAO.

This is the guide for how to create your DAO.

  • Click "Create New DAO"

  • Fill out the required fields.

    • If you already have a Gnosis Safe multi-sig wallet that you can log into using the wallet address, you can use it as the DAO treasury wallet. If you do not have one, leave it empty to create a new one.

  • Fill out the fields, then Click "Next" to check the preview then, click "Submit" to save the draft.

  • Once the setup is complete, a DAO page will be created. After reviewing the page, you can deploy the DAO to the blockchain by clicking the "Publish" button. Once it is published to the blockchain, certain fields cannot be changed.

  • After publishing, you can manage your DAO funds with multiple approvers using the Gnosis Safe multi-sig wallet.

    • To withdraw funds, click on "Transfer Funds" to go to the Gnosis Safe page, then add new signers and set the new approval conditions. Follow the new rules that you set to transfer funds to withdraw.

For more information, please refer to the following "Gnosis Help Center page".

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